Friday, March 23, 2007


I should probably have a purpose to this blog, yet I am not sure I can say what it is at the moment. I was going to write about the somewhat odd notion, I think, that I don't care if anyone responds to this blog or not in the comments section. I like to hear from people about things, but that is not why I am doing this. In fact, I am doing it for myself and, I hope, for my students. This blog allows me to speculate about some of the stuff I have taught, or might teach, or am teaching at the moment, share it with students and anyone else who is interested, without getting too invested in procedure.

For example, I'm moving in most of my humanities classes into the final section, on art. I tend to leave things quite open by this point in the course, so I can switch gears if need be, but I will stick to the original plan and go for Greek and Roman art mostly, at least here in the blog.

The plate above is one of my favorites, and Thetis is one of my favorite gods. In the Iliad she is always grieving, but here she is dancing with the fishes, and what wonderful fishes they are! The combination of dance, maritime life, and geometry seems characteristically Greek.