Friday, April 13, 2007

Greek Art in Museums

These online museums are worth spending time with. They hold some of the greatest collections of Greek and Roman art, and the websites are on the whole not bad. In general, I think the timelines and thematic essays sections of the Metropolitan Museum are among the very best online resources for the study and contemplation of art, but there are, thankfully, many more.

Visit the Louvre Museum's Collection at the Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities.

Visit the Collection Highlights of Greek and Roman Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Visit the sculpture, pottery, and bronze collections of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Visit the British Museum for its Greek and Roman collection

Visit the unofficial site of the Greek and Roman statuary collection of the Vatican.

Visit the site of the Acropolis Museum in Athens.

Our goal, of course, should be to keep these destinations in mind, to motivate and enhance actual, rather than merely virtual, travel abroad. Art on the Internet is no substitute for actual experience.