Monday, June 04, 2007

Figural Sculpture in Greek Art

Torso, the Knidia, Praxiteles, 4th C
Torso, Dionysos, 3rd C [not featured on this blog]

Links to Some of the Principal Pieces of Figural Sculpture in Greek Art
(found on my blog)

Dates, as usual, are approximate. Pieces are presented in roughly chronological order.

Male Figures

The Mantiklos Apollo c. 700 - 675 BCE
Ivory Youth c. 640 - 640
The New York Kouros, c. 600 – 575
Kleobis and Biton c. 580 BCE
The Rampin Horseman c. 575 - 550
The Moscophoros c. 570 - 560 BCE
The Anavyssos kouros, c. 520
Fallen Warriors, Aphaia Temple, c. 490, c. 480
The Kritios Boy, c. 480 BCE
The Riace Warriors, c. 475 - 450 BCE
The Apollo, west pediment, Olympia,
The Diskobolos, c. 460 - 450
The Doryphoros, Polykleitos, c. 450 - 440 BCE
The Diadoumenos, Polykleitos, c. 440 BCE
Hermes and Dionysos, Praxiteles, c. 343 BCE
Apollo Sauroktonos, Praxiteles, c. 350 - 275
The Apollo Belvedere, late 4th BCE
Bronze Youth from Antikythera, c. 350 - 330
Apoxyomenos, Lyssipos, c. 330 BCE
The Dancing Faun, 3rd - 2nd C
The Barberini Faun, c. 200 BCE
The Hanging Marsyas, first half 2nd C BCE
The Laocoon Group, c. 160 - 20 BCE
The Belvedere Torso, 2nd - 1st C BCE
The Dying Gaul, c. 230 - 220 BCE
The Gaul Group, c. 230 - 220 BCE

Female Figures

The Nikandre Kore c. 650 BCE
The Auxerre Goddess c. 650 - 625 BCE
The Peplos Kore c. 530 BCE
The Akropolis Kore 594, late 6th C BCE
The Chian Kore, late 6th C BCE
The Aspasia type c. 460 BCE
The Ludovisi Throne c. 460 BCE
The Three Goddesses (Fates), by Pheidias group, c. 438- 432
The Flying Nike, by Paionios, c.420 BCE
Nike Adjusting her Sandal c. 410 - 407 BCE
The Wounded Niobid, late 5th C BCE
The Esquiline Venus, uncertain date, late 5th C BCE
Statuette of a Girl c. 400 BCE
The Venus Genetrix, late 5th C BCE
Maenad, by Skopas, c. 360 BCE
The Aphrodite of Knidos, by Praxiteles, c. 340 - 330 BCE
Marble Head from Chios, by Praxiteles, c. 340 - 330 BCE
Praxitilean Torso c. 650 BCE c. 340 - 330 BCE
Venus of Capua, 4th C BCE
Venus of Arles, 4th C BCE
The Capitoline Aphrodite, 2nd C BCE
The Venus de Medici, 2nd C BCE
The Crouching Aphrodite, after 250, BCE
The Aphrodite of Kyrene, 3rd - 1st C BCE
The Winged Victory of Samothrace c. 250 - 180 BCE
Venus Kallypygos c. 3rd - 1st C BCE
The Three Graces c. 3rd - 1st C BCE
The Aphrodite of Melos c. 2nd C BCE